Friday, June 14, 2013

Saturday, June 8, 2013


Yesterday we started recording our EP. We managed to get everything done, besides vocals for our third song, but those aren't even written yet.

All that's left is to write those parts, mix and master everything, and by the end of the week the EP should be almost ready or even releasable.

Oh, also our friend Kevin from this cool lil folk-punk duo called Friends! is going to be doing some guest vocal stuff on the third song.

On Wednesday, we played at The Graperoom in Manayunk. It was alright. It was 21+, so the only person that showed up for us was my dad haha. It was a good time though. We made the best of a shitty situation and got some Thai food afterwards.

- D

Saturday, June 1, 2013


We started recording yesterday. The entire time, our equipment was being super annoying and faulty, but we ended up with some super rough intstrumental demos for our songs "Jesse Grubb (You're Like The Love Letter I Never Wrote)" and "Hair Like Bruce Winchell". Our third song "Eleanor Wallace Crazee" still isn't really finished being written. Vocals haven't been added, and usually when we add vocals we end up rewriting certain parts, so that'll probably be recorded last.

It was a pretty stressful day overall, but some good pals were there with us to help keep our heads straight.

We should be going back into the studio to actually record the EP next weekend at the latest.

Also we're making patches soon which is cool.

- D

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


So, we have one of these now. This will be no bullshit. No stupid pictures or dumb quotes, just straight up band news.

Our next project will be a three song EP. Two of the songs are finished, and the third just needs vocals and a little more polishing. Videos of us playing the two finished songs can be found below. We plan on mixing and mastering the tracks ourselves, which should prove to be an interesting experience.

Recording for this EP will begin this Friday when we do drums in Ted's garage with our buddy Jake Detwiler. Jake also produced Pillow Fights and Smooches. He's a good dude.

Last Friday, we played an awesome show in Jake's basement. Tiger Lily, Christopher Walking, and Leaky Soups also played. A super cool band that I heard for the first time called Thief, Steal Me A Peach also played. They play kind of a Trail of Dead-ish post-hardcore, but more technical. Very good night.

The next day, we played in our friend Conor's garage. Conor plays guitar in Horsecops. We played with Friends!, Tiger Lily, Horsecops, and Leaky Soups. It was alright. Not as energetic as the day before because all the kids in attendance kind of sucked, but there was still a decent amount of fans there to make us feel comfortable.

After Airman Trout's set, we rushed over to Genevieve Mar's house so that Ted and Pat could fill in for a missing Ethan Brennan for Christopher Walking's set in her garage. It was pretty silly, but it was fun.

After Christopher Wallking's set, we headed back to Conor's house, and Leaky Soups played a super short set. Half of the crowd had left by the time we arrived back, and the remaining were pretty dead. Shout-out to Lane for singing along though. You're cool.

We'll be playing on Radcast (link below) pretty soon. The tentative date is June 6th, and we'd be going on at around 2:30 PM, so tune in.

Our next and only upcoming show, for the time being, is on June 5th at The Graperoom in Manayunk (event page below). We'll be opening for Living in Error, which is pretty cool. Unfortunately, it's only for people aged 21 or over. If you meet the age requirement, come out and see us. $5 at the door.

Bands to check out:
Thief, Steal Me A Peach
Congenital Death


- D